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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

I can do anything I want.

my canvas
my canvas

May 21 -

"If you search for problems, I PROMISE, you will find them."

"If it feels wrong; you did not do it right."

I have everything I want and need except true love.

My daughter is 3 and already saying "did you know that...?" How do I shut this shit down fast before she becomes one of those people?

She burned the bridge down before I could cross it.

If everyone is "crazy" am I normal?

"Ever wonder why they call you bitch?"

Use or be used? (Comments please)

I told myself I want to be in the top 10% or even the top 5% of being something or doing something and then I realized I am already, and I have been in the top 99-100% of being myself, and trust me, you have no idea how hard that is.

"No matter how high you feel you'll always come down."

Once upon a time an abortionist got upset with me bringing awareness to suicide.. Hmm

Be ready to buy with finger on the clicker.

The world without mom's theory? (Comments please)

Difference between bot and catfish? (Smart comments only please!)

"Is my mirror dirty or is it me?"

Do neurosurgeons drink coffee? (Open to comments).

50-60 in under 2 seconds.

"Never grow up - True Adulting".

I'm not punk I'm not hip hop I'm normal just like you.

Skip the third time it's not charming.

Skip the double confirmation it is a shame.

Skip the one shot you have many to take.

Skip to "work" and play hop scotch or as I like to say “hoppy scotchy”.

"There will always be someone richer than you,

There will always be someone poorer than you,

But only you can be the most peaceful, loving, and happiest you".

"Slips and fists may break my bones, words hurt too."

"Question everything trust no one."

80's the new 70, 70's the new 60, etc. 20's the new teens, teens are the new 20's, kids are entitled. Imperfect perfect loop, never grow up, kids are all we have, kids are the future.

Block me, report me, you will never erase me.

"Embrace your ugly."

"Embrace the magic."

People tell me I'm handsome I embrace my ugly.

I got a gun but prefer a slow marriage till death do us part.

I got a gun on Earth Day, you're welcome.

All these bullshit national days, I got one, no IT day, unplugged day, live day, ya, I said it.

"Numerology makes more sense (numerically) than karma."

"I never understood why solitary confinement is a bad thing."

Which side of the swing are you on?

"Midlife Miracle".

Ever seen 2 flames dancing together.

Set your decade years resolution.

Stealing attention to sell ideas.

Only when you truly unplug from reality can you truly live fantasy, like sleep and dreams.

"If the sun is out enjoy it,"

"If the flowers bloom enjoy it,"

What's your sound track?

"Still madly in love with my beautiful depression". (Inspired by Cage)


"How to play Russian roulette with a 9."

"When you are dead inside it is hard to feel like you are dying".

"Can't talk, driving".

Can someone breakdown why delusions of grandeur is a bad thing. (Comments please)

"The only difference between your schizophrenia and mine is mine is more powerful."

"I can see beauty in anything and

everything the same way I see ugly."

Life coach should be titled time consultant.

"We I survived covid19."

A true friend will be there no matter what. RIP Merm.

Fuck an intelligence quotient IQ test we need a weird quotient WQ test.

"If you're not living you're not learning." -Bobby, Ricky

Feeding AI and logging racing thoughts = win win.

Maybe the key to this simulation is to figure out how to live forever? (comments please)

Why does my dog have the lawful right to pee wherever he wants outside?

Happy dog happy life. (divorced men raise your hand).

She said yes. (Such a powerful and interesting and amazing line here)

No she said.

The big D.

Decorate pinecones (you), burn pinecones (me).

Where the fuck does the ice cream man get his ice cream? (pictures coming soon)

My friends think I'm... (sui, gay, hmm) (Comments please)

"It's not what you do but how you do it. It's not how you do it, but when you do it. It's not when you do it, but why you do what you do, why you do it how you do it, and why you do it when you do it. This same principle applies in past tense too. Understand the why for the what, how, when, and you can then honestly say you know the why. I'm Bryan with a y and I endorse this message."

"Chasing the dragon for dopamine hits.."

I have no desire to earn money anymore.

Cranberry juice. (Comments please)


Don't forget who ended the tango.

Why can't secrets be fun for everyone?


Who's ridin with Bryan

Stuck in traffic like my life

Matter over mind - SEX

I'm super lucky to be here

Bitch you're a prototype

I've always been limitless just never pushed my limits

Make something out of nothing because nothing really matters.

Is there such a thing as your heart having an orgasm because I think mine just did. 6/14

Ferris Carous (vertical horizontal) ??? Ferriswheel carousel???

I'm freezing hot!!!

Delusions of ungrandeur

"One last more" - Penny

"LOAF" - River

As real

Truth is death?

Death is peace?

If you find what you are looking for keep it.

Law-yer doc-ter

Why does it feel so good to kill brain cells. Hmmm?

So many fake fake fake people in the world I hope hope hope I'm not one of them so many lies lies lies told I hope hope hope I am being my truth

Do something never done before?

Do what everyone else is doing?

Do what everyone else is doing in your own way?

No. No. And no.

Do you. Just Do You. Not it, do you.

Went under

I am soldier regardless of my military affiliation

I am government regardless of my political affiliation

I am spirit regardless of my religious affiliation

I am product regardless of my professional affiliation

I am extreme regardless of my right or wrongdoings

Know where you're going and you will get there faster?

I'm bringing dubstep back.

I want to share my life with someone and I am very generous.

I am addicted to you. Dopamine hits all day

Shine your light into my darkness

Am I hot enough to be a firefighter?

To whom it may concern, I hate waiting in lines.

Why is there no such thing as tax insurance there is death insurance car insurance home insurance but not tax insurance

On gloomy day's you're still my sunshine.

Give a homeless person a sandwich he has food for a day, teach him how to beg he's set for life. 6/2/1

Like someone hit the reset button on my life except I'm older with kids.. -divorce

Raise your hand if you have ever texted yourself because you were so lonely, but told yourself you we're just making sure your phone was working and receiving texts.

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