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Hierarchy of human “wants”, everybody wants more, then more, and then more.

#hierarchyofhumanwants #hierarchyofhumanneedsismoremoremore

Guide to hierarchy of human needs: want what you have, all you need is love.

#humanneeds #humanwants #allyouneedislove #allweneedislove

"Want" is a desire, "need" is a necessity. Sometimes I wonder if we really need anything, I definitely strongly lean towards; we do not need anything. However, if I had to state something needed or truly wanted it would be "love", whatever that is. Ask yourself when you desire something why you do, then dig deeper, and deeper, and deeper, and eventually you will find out (if smart/creative/intuitive enough) that it was revolving around love or, most likely, not desired and definitely not needed...

Makes me think of how I am judged at too literal or too simple makes me think that you are not literal enough, and I am too complex.

All we need is death? Consumerism? Propaganda? Agenda? Marketing? Buy now. I get it, trust me I get it, I just do not want it I guess... Feed the beast. Feed the beast until it consumes you? A gentleman once told me that we, as humans, are basically gears in a machine and for the machine to work the gears must connect and work together so he then basically told me that I need to give him money... Another gentleman once told me that the machine is like a neighbor who asks a neighbor for a cup of sugar.. Hmm..

#momliftscartosavebaby #intothewild #allweneedisdeath

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