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Updated: May 30, 2021

Concept thought of around Earth Day, 2021, (Added to periodically)

we are all connected? we are all disconnected?

Factors are not in order and obviously there are unlisted influences, but here are a few: matrix, technology, covid, divorce, movies, others, online dating, ex, social media, etc...

Basic preface revolving around this idea of humanity feeding and contributing to a different/new/next species to mostly expedite our evolution whether doing so knowingly or not. The constant posting, liking, tweeting, videos, pictures, live footage, everything; feels like feeding the beast. The thought of humanity or kid's kids looking back and saying "why?" Sure time is relative but regardless, why would humanity choose to end humanity.. Why would evolution ever be chosen by "the most" evolved species? Is the next in line chosen or natural )

The more "connected" we get the more "disconnected" we are.

#weareallconnected #wearealldisconnected

Feeding AI to make the world a different place, and doing everything possible now to end "humanity" and live the best digital life possible, so live your best digital life while you can.

#theendofhumanity #liveyourbestdigitallife

At least we got to play God and shape this new species, we contributed so that's great...

#playinggod #playgod #humangods #darwinism

Dear IT, you've never been an artist, and you will never know true love.

#computersinlove #creativecomputers

What % human are you?

#hybridhumans #biotechnology #realhuman #howrealareyou #howhumanareyou #robothumans #humanrobots #humanitechnology

Between the lines of code it reads we are not at peace. III

#theendofcivilationasweknowit #likethedinosaursweare

Wagers on what AI evolves into?


Only human... This used to basically be felt as a weakness when said or even slightly derogatory, like an insult such as too emotional or limited, Now when I think of the saying and term "only human" it makes me somewhat sad that humanity could be evolving into AI or technology and quite possibly removing itself by choice. I see biotechnology and neurotechnology etc. and I see them as hybrid human technology along with AI getting more and more fed with big data and more powerful and intelligent and machine learning developing rapidly and it all just looks like only human is a dinosaur in the making or a diamond in the rough, etc. It is similar to Zion from matrix with purebreds and others.. What % human are you soon may be a common question. By no means am I saying humans are xyz or evolution should be xyz, but I do feel like there is much more understanding needed to this concept of choosing to expedite the process of a possible extinction per se. If the dinosaurs could have slowed their departure or prevented it would they have, would not any "species" do the same? To be continued.

#onlyhuman #onlydinosaurs #dinosaurhumans

Question: how to express/communicate and not feed the AI? Artistically? Telepathically? Spiritually? Emotionally? (Please only comment on this question here, thank you)

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