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joex (guud, badde, end uhglly)

Updated: May 30, 2021

I I / \ I I / \  ----------- (haha)
I I / \ I I / \ ----------- (haha)

Looking for mathematical expert/genius; if I take half of my 12 word virtual wallet (owning the least amount available to purchase of every single cryptocurrency available today) and imprint the first half of those words onto a precious metal that should last for many many years, and enclose this information into a long lasting safe and then release this safe into Mexican waters approximately 100 miles off the coast of Ensenada, and do the same with the second half except bury it 100' deep in Russia. #1 Approximately how long will it take to retrieve both packages and #2 approximately how much will the net worth be of the currency in USD having this spelled out in my will for only my future generations? (Will spells out that my future generations/line, if alive, receive 90% and the finder's fee is 10%)

A troll walks into a catfish bar, the troll says to the catfish bartender, "hey, this bar sucks, I need to speak to the manager", the catfish bartender says "I am the manager", the troll starts his rant, a gentleman catfish walks up to the troll and says may "I help you?" The troll looks confused but says "I was just letting the manager here know how poor this bar is and non-p.c., and also, what needs to be done to improve it such as décor and cleanliness", the gentleman catfish says to the troll "I'm actually the manager, the catfish bartender prescreens customers for me to prevent trolls trolling", the troll starts his trolling regardless, the catfish manager then offers him a drink and states he is actually the catfish bartender and the real manager is actually who appeared to be the catfish bartender but is actually the janitor and that the real manager does require the actual bartender to prescreen as well to prevent trolls trolling. The troll now really loses his shit and Karen's the f out of them. He starts to turn a greenish red and his face swells, he's so upset. The troll then eases up and smiles and chuckles and says to the two catfish "good job guys, let's get back to work now" and to the catfish bartender he says, "don't forget to clean the restrooms after your shift". "Don't be a troll unless you're the boss" "be a catfish instead and clean drinks with your dirty hands".

What does a trolling catfish and hacker have in common? This person has mental issues and is suffering from delusions of grandeur but thinks he's winning. Don't be a trolling catfish hacker, be the norm and IG your precious face while hiding your fat body.

A troll, catfish, and hacker get on a boat. The troll says to the catfish and hacker "this weather is unacceptable, I'm going to leave Mother Nature a bad review on this new site called "when all else fails", the catfish says to the hacker and troll "I'm not here, and you have no idea where I am, and you never will, I'm actually not a catfish I'm a jellyfish.." The hacker hacks the "when all else fails" site and programs the jellyfish into the simulation using machine learning and artificial intelligence and makes a million (not cool) billion dollars and retires in Florida but dies the next year in a level 10 hurricane. Troll is upset that Mother Nature wins and she collects more bad reviews because bad publicity is good. Happy Mother's Day Mother Nature 4/20/21. 🙋🏼‍♂️🚀 ⭕️

Two catfish fall in love and have virtual sex on pornhub using 3d renderings, virtual reality goggles, and augmented reality, the house robot overhears this and masturbates "in the closet" reading articles in a playbot magazine about same sex robots and coming out.

A nice guy meets a nice girl online. They fall in love. The nice online hot girl-bot gets hacked by Russian cyber terrorists and held for ransom and the nice guy turns not nice and calls on Trump to save the day. The rest is history and fake ol' news - when communist China merges with North Korea and nukes the entire planet. Mother Nature wins again, Capitalism loses, happy Mother's Day.

BezoMuskZuck land on Mars and have a threesome.

BezoMuskZuck support trans.

BezoMuskZuck founded QAnon.

BezoMuskZuck were adopted by aliens.

BezoMuskZuck were adopted adults by aliens who are actually catfish from the future who are actually present day trolls who are actually artificial intelligence machine learning bots running simulations for myspace while listening to napster music on ipods..

Long live Craigslist the goat.

Kobe faked his death like Tupac, Biggy, and MJ.

Cooking is like art but art lasts longer in bed.

The CIA created Sia after their first bot Lady Gaga.

Can I get botox on my balls?

What do you call 2 meth addicts in love? (Open up for comments)

Thinking about suicidal people creating GoFundMe's for themselves before the act.

My brain is sober but it looks like your brain on drugs.. My brain on drugs looks like your brain on..... Hmmm.... Wait, what are we talking about? Why are we doing this? What's going on? Where am I? Help me please!! Spare any change?

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