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FAYVERITTES & disliked


Words: (words that feel good on my mouth and tongue when said paired with powerful or emotional defining or accuracy, but not in any specific order), masochistic, sadistic, manic, sociopath, hush, shhh, narcissistic, unorthodox, euphoric,  

disliked words/phrases: meal, meals, I need that.., liar, 

Music: (oh my so so many many many songs that I love) here's quick references in some order of lately, lay lady lay, limelight violins, el condor pasa, chopin, blow whistle, wraith, gauze, elastic, glue someone who dares and hold horizon hostage and early morning silence and vessel, 


disliked music: heartless or weak or fake music, commercial or new country or soft country (sorry, but I do like some old country), most techno (sorry, but I do like dubstep), 

Movies: (similar to music but much less quantity and not as often) here's a quick reference not in order, and all about the emotional impact for me) the first half of the matrix, mr/mrs smith, departed, big short, wolf, titanic, notebook, taladega, four rooms, 


disliked movies:

Color: most favorite is light unripe lime a bit fluorescent green (not sure why) see lambos. Love a lot of colors and shades, pink, black, gray, orange, blues, definitely some reds, yellow, love a lot of colors, 


disliked colors: brown for arts and crafts, not for skin though of course

Sports: extreme sports are interesting or cool to watch or play, hunting, mma, poker, business, kayak fishing so so, breakdancing,  


disliked sports: I do not watch or play sports almost ever, I used to enjoy basketball, football, golf, baseball (relaxes me when I watch it), 

Car: flying cars, self driving cars, love the design and look of a light green lambo gallardo, tesla cars are kind of cool and decent story or concept, trucks are kind of cool, my old light blue turbo d benz ran on free vegetable oil and that was cool and funny,  


disliked cars: pinto, vw's, 



disliked clothes:

Relationship: a love like the Smith's with someone that looks like Heard or Aalbaa... 

disliked relationship: being completely alone and unloved. 


disliked celebrities:

Meetings: I would like to meet Snowden for coffee, Gates with a lie detector test, and learn bridge from Buffett. 

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